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TSC Salary Scale:Teachers Starting Salary and Allowances in Kenya


School administrators gets a major boom of their salaries in the new deal of divide and rule CBA.
Teachers are set for a major salary rise that will see the lowest paid primary school teacher take home Sh27,195, up from Sh21,756. The lowest paid secondary school teachers will also have their salary increased to Sh34,955, up from the current Sh31,020.

TSC Salary Scale:Teachers New Salary and Allowances in Kenya

The new salary deal signed, which also overhauled the current grading system, caps the overall salary of the highest paid teacher at Sh157,656. Currently, the highest paid teacher earns Sh109,089, with a maximum pay of Sh144,928 per month. But the greatest beneficiaries will be primary school heads, their deputies and the secondary school principals and their deputies.
The highest paid teacher, who works as the Chief Principal, earns Ksh 200,000.Surprisingly the highest paid civil servant earns Ksh 400,000.
Here is the old teachers salary scale compared to civil servants.

Civil Service Job Group Teachers
Basic Salary Common Allowances Gross Salary
Min. Max. House Commuter Min. Max.
G P1 16,692 21,304 5,000 4,000 25,692 30,304
H ATS IV 19,323 24,662 5,000 4,000 28,323 33,662
J GAT III 24,662 29,918 6,000 4,000 34,662 39,918
K GAT II 31,020 41,590 10,000 5,000 46,020 56,590
L GAT I 35,910 45,880 20,000 6,000 61,910 71,880
M Senior GAT 41,590 55,840 20,000 8,000 69,590 83,840
N Principal GAT II 48,190 65,290 24,000 8,000 80,190 97,290
P Principal GAT I 77,527 103,894 40,000 12,000 129,527 155,894
Q Senior Principal 89,748 120,270 40,000 14,000 143,748 174,270
R Chief Principal 109,089 144,928 40,000 16,000 165,089 200,928

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Below is detailed distribution of salary per job group.

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