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How To Make It As A 19 Year Old Entrepreneur In Kenya


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Tom Osborn started his company, GreenChar, at first as a school project in Kenya. He saw a huge problem regarding bad fumes that arose by cooking. His project was so good that lots of people saw the benefits of getting this project really on the market.
But you are young and want to start a company in Kenya that isn’t famous for it’s great possibilities for business. Besides that is the culture in Kenya mostly based on elderly people. So when a young person walks in and tries to introduce them into something new it’s hard to get them to believe it’s good. Tom has for example the problem that elderly people are working in his factory that are older and refuse to do the same as younger people.
His advice is that you when you are young there are a lot of barriers to break and you always have to prove people wrong. But if you keep on showing that you are worth it, you’ll get there. He’s shown at least the 30 under 30 forbes list that he’s someone to keep an eye on! – INTO CONNECTIONS

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