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Watch How Much Apple, Google and Facebook Make Per Second


Tech companies are making a helluva lot of money. In fact, in terms of market capitalization Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook are now all beating their closest competitors: the oil companies.
Yes, tech is bigger than oil, and you can see just how much money these companies are making every second with this data visualization from trading information portal Penny Stocks Lab.
Click above to view the interactive version [h/t Penny Stocks].
Combined, they’re making more than $2,000 profit per second, or over $140,000 a minute. Of course, not all tech is the same, and Apple takes home a pretty whopping 50 percent of the cash.
You may notice Twitter, Pandora and Yelp, all still struggling to take home any cash, stay in the red.
Some people think wealth accumulation in Silicon Valley is starting to cause a problem for the global economy. Others think tech companies should pay more tax on their profits.
But probably not that many shareholders in any of the major tech firms.
Battle of the Internet Giants [Penny Stocks Lab] -TNW

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