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Wayne Rooney is one of the best forwards in English football


In Premier League history, there were many glorious strikers who managed to score dozens or even hundreds of goals in the league. If you make a list of the best, then it will include Wayne Rooney, who played in Everton and Manchester United. You can easily watch live football today with the participation of these clubs on the sports statistics website.

It should be noted that Rooney made his debut in the Premier League very early, aged 16. Then he attracted attention with his performance and, after playing two seasons for his native Everton, moved to Manchester United. This transfer was one of the most successful in the history of the Red Devils.

Rooney joined the team very quickly and became an important part of it. You can recall that in his first match in the Champions League, the player scored a hat-trick. The striker formed a striking duet with Cristiano Ronaldo quickly. Then they were both in their early 2000s and, in fact, their careers were just beginning. Together they brought United three titles in a row between 2007 and 2009.

If today you look at live football performed by the Red Devils, it should be mentioned that they lack a football player like Rooney on the field. Despite the fact that Wayne managed to score 208 goals during his career in the Premier League, it is difficult to call him a scorer. For example, he almost never participated in the race for the best sniper title in the Premier League. Rooney was never near the 30-goal mark for the season.

Despite it, the striker’s individual achievements are impressive. He became:

  • the best scorer in the history of Manchester United;
  • the main sniper in the history of the English national team;
  • the second best scorer of the Premier League.

All these achievements have become a reality, considering the fact that as early as at the age of 32, the striker left England and actually ended his career. 

What helped Rooney achieve such results

Rooney’s impressive scoring results primarily result from the fact that he played in one of the strongest teams of his time – Manchester United. Ferguson’s players were the best not only in the domestic championship, but in the Premier League as well. By the way, you can now follow the Premier League fixtures of the MU on the sports statistics website. Here, only the reliable information is available, which is updated in real time.

It should be mentioned that Rooney’s high performance is also explained by the fact that in the first half of his career he acted at the forefront of the attack. Just closer to the end, he began to move to the middle of the field. It got to the point that Mourinho made him almost a prop.

If you want to follow the fixtures of matches in the Premier League, be sure to go to the sports statistics website. Only reliable data is available here, which is updated on a regular basis. Thanks to this, you will quickly become a real expert in the world of English football.

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