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What's The Scale For Intelligence?


Have you ever talked to a person for just a few minutes and they leave you totally impressed at how intelligent they are? This has happened to me very many times, in different situations, with people of totally different social backgrounds. Yesterday evening I came across another one of these people, and that encounter left me with the questions; what shows that a person is intelligent? What is the scale for this? Is it how they make conversation, ask questions, answer questions, or is it how they   walk, eat, what they drink, or their preferred genre of music? Or do we limit our judgement of an individual’s intelligence to be purely determined by their communication skills?
Results of multiple studies show that one cannot settle on basic characteristics to distinguish between a highly intelligent and average person. Some intelligent people are quiet, while others are very outgoing. Some exhibit patience with those of average IQ, others fail to understand why others just don’t ‘get it’. There is no one static picture of intelligence. We cannot define intelligent people by their ability to speak fluently, or their  knowledge of political and social matters, because you can testify that there is quite a number of people who posses these qualities but do not really come off as highly intelligent.
Collectively though, famous people documented as possessing a high IQ have been found to share the following characteristics;

  1. They have an extreme need for constant mental stimulation. They will either be reading, playing word games, socializing, carrying out a task, any activity that they find mentally stimulating. Intelligent people find it extremely important to constantly engage their brain.They display insatiable curiosity. They WANT to know, then they HAVE to know. And they see to it that they KNOW. Intelligent people normally ask endless questions, dig deep in the depths of information given. They can easily come off as quite a bother.
  2. They have an inborn sensitivity. They might not show it, depending on the individual’s personality, but intelligent people have very strong intuition. They’ll probably sense the genuineness or falsity in your words and actions, but might fail to react because…
  3. They tend display low emotional quotient(EQ). People with high IQ find it difficult to react to highly charged situations, for instance, grief. Their reaction to good or bad news tends to be unclear, as they are quite confused themselves how they are expected to react. In other instances an intelligent person may come off as indifferent, but they truly cannot help it.
  4. They have an open mind. Intelligent people are welcoming to new ideas, experiences, and information. They exhibit high creativity levels, and a high sense of frustration with regard to repetitive processes.

There are endless other common characteristics of intelligent people, but bottom line is it all depends on an individual’s personal character traits. Some people might come off as average at first, but later on prove you wrong. Albert Einstein, who recorded one of the highest IQs in human history, did not learn to talk until he was 4, and could not read until he was 7. Interesting.
Lao Tzu says,

To gain knowledge, add things everyday. To gain wisdom, remove things everyday.

What’s your IQ?

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