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Woman gives impassioned speech defending small penises (VIDEO MUST WATCH)


Warning: Explicit content and strong language
Guys often wonder if they’re normal.
These days, teenage boys subsist on a steady diet of porn, cheap cider and more porn, so it’s no surprise they worry about being on the small side once they hit adulthood.
But never fear, most woman do not care what you’re packing down there, and if you spend too much time dwelling on it you may forget to actually go out and have sex in the first place.
If that still hasn’t allayed your insecurities, then you should probably give Monique Anderson a call.
A few weeks back, she uploaded a video to her Facebook explaining her preference for the smaller male.
It was recently found and uploaded to YouTube, no doubt by an intrepid sleuth on the hunt for answers his meagre member couldn’t provide, and it’s rapidly gaining views.
In so many words, she reasons that a smaller penis allows for more creativity in the sack, lessens the gag reflex during oral and – unlike its larger counterpart – negates the risk of your kidney shifting out of place during intercourse.
Lovely news. Now all you have to do is work on your terrible personality.

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