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Busia holds first anti- IEBC demos

Busia County  Cord supporters  on Monday held its first anti-IEBC demos  that saw no single incident recorded in  the two hours procession across the  town’s streets.
Anti-riot police  watched at vantage points as  demonstrators chanting  anti-IEBC slogans  marched through the streets led by ODM National  Deputy Organizing secretary Florence  Mutua, County chairman  Geoffrey Odanga,   Secretary Innocent Oluku and Deputy Secretary  Peter Odima.
The peaceful demonstrations started  from the  Orange House. They trekked  for  about three   kilometers to the IEBC offices  near the Law Courts where they  presented their petition to the IEBC  constituency administrative assistant  Julian Gomiti.
Some of the placards read:   Busia says IEBC must go and Go  IEBC go yawa time is out , referee cannot be a player, We cannot go into pre-determined elections  and IEBC go Rest in Peace.
Business along the busy northern  corridor was not interrupted as demonstrators  allowed motorists to pass. They  later dispersed peacefully  after  Odanga told them to do so and regroup again next Monday.
Mutua who is also the Busia women representative  said  Cord cannot accept  to go for 2017 general elections  whose  outcome  is already pre-determined.
” The referee (IEBC) is already partisan, thus the need  for the commissioners to exit and pave way  the new  team to  run next year’s polls.
Odanga  in his petition said  the IEBC has failed  credibility and integrity tests , adding that public utterances   by Jubilee operatives that they will win next year’s elections  was a clear testimony that they have already it.
“We will hand over the petitions every Monday because the issue will not be handled fairly in the parliament considering  Jubilee’s  tyranny of numbers,” Odanga said.
Oluku  said  IEBC is a shameless organ and had a bad record, adding that  IEBC is worse than Al Shaabab.. Gomiti  acknowledged the petition on behalf of IEBC  and congratulated the leaders for the peaceful demonstrations.

Photos:  ODM chairman Geoffrey Odanga and  the party deputy national organizing secretary  march in the streets of Busia  town in anti-IEBC  demos.
– A protestor   was the centre of attraction during  anti-IEBC demos in Busia on Monday.
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