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Nabiswa is No #1 Students’ and Educational Resource for youths, students and prospective students across around the world. Students and youths around the world use our platform to interact and gain relevant information and resources that impact positively on their educational pursuits.
We’re giving you a platform through which you can pitch your: –

  • University/college/school
  • Courses
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  • Any other education related information/product.

We provide a great platform that reaches thousands of online readers. Advertise with us and build more clients for your business. With love (♥) we invite you to try us.

Why Advertise with Us?

The above is a good question and that’s why we’ve an exclusive answer for you. Below are the reasons why you should consider us.

  • We’re available 24/7/365. You ad will be seen the entire period.
  • We’re flexible and affordable
  • We’ve custom plans for advertising. We can tailor our prices to fit your specific need.
  • We receive over 7,000 – 10, 000 unique views daily with 200, 000 – 700,000 monthly page views.
  • We serve all ad types as you will see on a section below.

As experts in offering smooth advertising plans and forms, we support all as types, be it swf, png, jpg, etc.
To make our service efficient, we offer advertising in the following ways. Below are banner types and advertising mechanism we employ.

  • Sponsored courses/university/college/school
  • Institution reviews
  • Rich Media Banners
  • Commission on revenue
  • Link Advertising


We offer relatively affordable and flexible advertising rates as you will know. We have a couple of ad or banner types all cost differently depending on the location on our website. Below are the locations and pricing.

Location Price
Header (after logo) $50 per month
Sidebar (right sidebar + any size) $25 per month
Below Post Heading (Any size) $25 per month
Below Post Content $20 per month
Footer Banner (Above Footer Content $20 per month

You need a customized plan or anything else, you can hit our inbox we negotiate on the price and service.


To get ad space on Online University, you can get to us through the form below or use our contact page. Or you can also directly email us on our personal email address ?  kusomadigital [at]gmail.com for a customized service.
You will need to send us your banner images to be displayed on our website through the above email.
Banners will only be visible once payment is made through the payment gateways as agreed. We accept PayPal, Bank Transfer, Mobile Money and cheque.