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How to Pay GOTV Via Mpesa in Kenya


With M-pesa, you will never miss your favorite channels, easily pay from the comfort of your house. In this post you’ll learn how to pay gotv via mpesa.
1. Go to Mpesa menu and choose ‘Pay Bill’
2. Key in the GOTV Paybill number which is 423655
3. Key in your IUC number; this you can get it from the bottom of your decoder on a red sticker.
4. Key in the correct amount for the package you wish to pay for. You can find the different packages available to you here and the GO TV Channels they offer.
5.Key in your M-Pesa PIN
6. Check again to ensure that you have input the correct information
7. Wait for a confirmation message
And that is basically it. You now know how to pay gotv via mpesa.Keeping the decoder on while you pay helps it to reset itself automatically. If after payment the picture is still not showing, or if having problems with how to pay gotv via mpesa, you can contact GOTV via twitter. They will be able to reset it for you in minutes.
If for some reason you encounter a problem and need to contact GOTV customer care.


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