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Meet Khadija Ali Mohamed KBC Former Presenter


Meet Khadija Ali Mohamed KBC Presenter

Khadija Ali Mohamed (Presenter)Khadija took her primary schooling in Muslim Primary School in Kenya and later joined Muslim Girls School for her secondary education.
She undertook training in Radio program production in Deutshe Welle Radio training Institute in Cologne Germany.
She Joined Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in 1974 as an artist in the then Voice of Kenya. Many opinions of Kenyans have been formed on her words, she remained solidly professional when the times dictated for taking sides.
Her word is a lady’s word. She is presently a Chief producer is the Kiswahili service and produces programs such as, Muchezo wa Radio, Mashairi and she is also featured in Metro FM’s Meli ya Metro program
She has 5 children some in Canada others in Kenya
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