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KRA won't extend tax returns Filing period


The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has said that it will not extend the June 30th deadline for filing tax returns.
Speaking after launching a new iTax centre in Thika Town on Thursday, Evans Kakai, a KRA director, said their offices all over the country will operate until midnight to allow as many Kenyans as possible to comply with the law.
“The law stipulates that the returns should be filed by the end of today (June 30).
“We are even willing to extend the deadline up to midnight to give room to as many Kenyans as possible who are on their last-minute rush to beat the deadline.
“It will be unfortunate for those who miss out on this deadline,” said Mr Kakai.
However, he said the KRA might consider extending the deadline only if the process experiences delays caused by the authority.
“In case our clients experience any form of delays caused by us, we shall evaluate its cause with a view to extending the deadline. Otherwise, penalties will be effected from today [after] midnight,” said Mr Kakai.
Following the launch of the Thika centre, the board members will move to Murang’a and then to Nyeri towns to create awareness about the importance of tax compliance before heading to other regions in the country.
“We want to clear the perception that Kenyans have had over time that KRA is a corrupt entity.
“We also want to increase our customer satisfaction levels to a bare minimum of about 85 per cent. A recent survey showed that we are currently standing at 65 per cent,” said Mr Kakai.
He, however, urged Kenyans to familiarise themselves with the new iTax platforms that stem corruption while making it easier for taxpayers to file their returns.
“Our iTax centres have simplified the process of interacting with KRA.
“We are seeking to register about four million Kenyans by 2018.
“Currently we have registered 3 million which is almost double the number registered last year,” he said. – NATION

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