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Veteran KTN Swahili Anchor, Ahmed Darwesh, Dead After Long Strugle With Diabetes


The veteran KTN Swahili Anchor, Ahmed Darwesh, is dead.   Ahmed Darwesh  was found lifeless  in his house on couch Monday evening .
According to our sources, Dharwesh, was KTN Swahili Anchor and  also a columnist in the Nairobian  is alleged by his friends to have battled diabetes for a long time.
His brother Khamis Dharwesh broke the news on his Facebook account.

“Inaa Lillaahi wa inaa ileihi raajiun. Lost my brother Ahmed Darwesh of KTN..Burial to be communicated,” Khamis posted.

Dharwesh was apparently alone in the house when he met his death. A message from his colleagues said he was expected at KTN to read the 7pm news.
Darwesh body was expected to arrive in Mombasa at 8am and taken to his home in Mtopanga (Kwa Onyango stage).
The body will stay at home until 3pm then taken for burial at Kikowani Baadal Islamic cemetery, after prayers at Memon Masjid.

Ahmed Darwesh Condense messages

In mourning the media personality, many were shocked by the untimey death,  that “death has robbed us a professional presenter”.

Blogger Robert Alai mourned Daru, as he was called by friends saying he was a great professional.
“He presented news like a professional. Never gave biased opinion. He just did his job. Great guy. Miss him and Njoroge Mwaura, ” Alai said.

Ms.Barako ‏@Dakky_barako,

Oh man! life is fickle. Ahmed Darwesh is a testament that you can change the world with just a smile. Keep smiling Ahmed.”

Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho posted on his official Facebook account.

“Inna lilahi wainna ilaihi rajiun, it is with deep sadness that I have learnt of the sudden death of my dear friend and brother Ahmed Dharwesh of KTN this evening. I want to pass my heartfelt condolences to his family and pray that they find comfort in Allah… Inna lilahi wainna ilaihi rajiun,”

KTN business anchor Joy Doreen Biira posted a moving tribute on her Facebook page.

“Ahmed Darwesh… words fail me! I don’t recall one single day you didn’t have a smile on your face at work or anywhere else I met you.
Your humility was just admirable and your kindness unconditional. We talked business and about family and you always had time spared to find out about colleagues and friends beyond the normal “hi” greetings we used to in the newsroom.
Remember when I was pregnant with Ty (my son), you came to my desk every single day to ask how I was doing, whether I needed anything to drink or eat… and after he was born you continuously asked how family is doing.
We joked about how I inspired you to get baby number 3.”

May God  Rest in Soul in Peace.

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