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Afya Elimu Loan 2016/2017 HELB


Afya Elimu Loan 2016/2017 HELB

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) was established by an Act of Parliament, the Higher Education Loans Board Act, Chapter 213A of the Laws of the Republic of Kenya on the 21st day of July, 1995. This provided for the establishment of a Board for the management of a fund to be used for granting loans, bursaries and scholarships to Kenyan students pursuing higher education at recognized institutions within and outside Kenya.  The Board is further empowered to deal with any other matters incidental or connected to the granting of loans among them mobilization of resources. Under the establishing legal instrument the Board therefore has the power to establish links with persons within and outside Kenya as deemed necessary.  To this end, the Board entered into partnership with Intra Health Kenya with a view to enhancing access and equity to higher education specifically to health workers by way of granting them loans and scholarships dubbed FunzoKenya Loans. The Loans and scholarships target those already within the health sector workforce as well as those directly enrolled into approved institutions mandated in the training of health workers. The objectives of the program are:
To increase the production of new health workers in Kenya.
Promote quality and efficiency in delivery of health care.
To increase the pool of experts in different and specialized health fields.
Motivate and improve retention of health workers.



Beneficiary Courses (Local Trainings only) Certificate Diploma Nursing Clinical Medicine Laboratory Technologists and Technicians Pharmacist and Pharmaceutical Technologists Nutritionists Health Records Management and Information Technology Public Health OfficersMedical,  Dental including oral health Practitioners
Courses in cadres with critical shortage of skilled health workers
Eligibility (Pre-service Applicants) The applicant must:Be a Kenyan Citizen with a residential Status in Kenya Demonstrate financial need.Be a student in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year.Must provide copies of required supportive
Duly filled in application form KCSE certificate,
National Identification Card,
School leaving certificate,
Most recent training institution academic report
Current fee statement,
Copy of letter of admission
Must commit to serve for at least 3 years in any County/Districts, marginalized or hard to reach areas upon completion of their studies.
Be willing to abide by the bonding mechanism as set in the loan & scholarship program.
Must commit to abide by the loan repayment and monitoring procedures provide academic progress reports and reference letters from the institution on a yearly basis to maintain funding for the ongoing period of study
Loan Interest Rate: 4% per annum for pre-service
Current Monthly Repayment Rates and repayment period: Repayment period- up to 72 months
How to apply for the loan/Scholarship Applicants should access and fill the application form from the HELB website Print a copy of the Application Form.Have the form properly filled, signed and stamped by the relevant authorities.Sign the form and attach all the necessary documents, as indicated.Submit the form at the Higher Education Loans Board Office.The Board will use the email and telephone contacts provided on the form for communication on the progress of your application.


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