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Coast Institute of Technology Admission Requirements


Coast Institute of Technology Admission Requirements

All new students registering for the first time at CIT must fulfill the following requirements:
For registration purposes, the originals and photocopies of the following must be produced:
1) Admission Letter
2) Relevant Certificates, Testimonials and/or Transcripts of previous program attended
3) Two (2) coloured passport-sized photographs.
4) A copy of the Pay-in/Deposit Slip acknowledging payment of the registration fees, examination fees, Library fees, Tuition fees and other charges.
Notwithstanding the above, student must also comply with any other conditions as may be set by the college.
Students are required to use Names which appear on the National Identification Card or a sworn affidavit/ admission letter/ certificates.
New students who will not have registered within the first two (2) weeks of beginning of the academic year shall be deemed to have declined the offer by the College.
The opportunity shall accordingly be offered to another suitable applicant.
New students who for some reason are unable to register by the end of registration period, are advised to apply for deferment of registration which shall be given preference in the next admission subject to availability of the course and prevailing requirements.

Program Registration for Students
  • At the beginning of every semester ALL students SHALL be required to:
  • Register for Program units to be taken in every new semester which must be done on the prescribed form
  • Register for Program units only if she/he is a bona fide student of The Coast Institute of Technology.
  • Students shall be required to register for Program units within the first three (3) weeks of the semester. Late Program unit registration for continuing students to be done within the 3 weeks.
  • This will be done subject to the approval of the Departmental Chairperson and the payment of a fee as may be determined by the Academic Board.
  • Students must register for all core, common department, College and option units in their respective programs as stipulated by the department.
  • Students to retain a copy of a duly signed Program registration form for each semester.
  • Students shall have to be registered as per the relevant College requirements for the program in order to take examinations at CIT. Students are required to take a combination of units approved by the respective faculties.

Such combination may be modified only after obtaining consent of the Head of the relevant departments, and only within the first three weeks of the academic year.

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