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CRB Kenya Clearance Certificate

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CRB Kenya Clearance Certificate

Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) is an institution licensed by Central Bank of Kenya to provide Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) services.
Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs) are governed and regulated by Central Bank of Kenya, Credit Reference Bureau Regulations, 2013 and are licensed to collect and combine Credit information on Individuals and Companies from different sources and provide that information upon request by authorized users.
CRBs assist in Issuance of Clearance Certificates, Credit Reports e.t.c. Here is the products / services and charges by Credit Reference Bureaus in Kenya:-

Registration 100.00
0Listing Status 50.00
Score 150.00
Credit Report 250.00
Certificate of Clearance 2,200.00
Listing Institution 50.00

The above are inclusive of value added Tax (V.A.T) @ 16% and other applicable Taxes.
For any questions or additional information please  fill the form below for CRB clearance certificate.↓

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Andrew Etele Lubanga February 11, 2019 - 5:43 pm

How l can get my clearance certificate online


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