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Google’s 3 most important projects


The web giant has a few projects that stand above others.
Google  is a massive company with a lot of projects going on at once, but chairman Eric Schmidt says that there are three that rank above all others in importance: voice recognition, image recognition, and machine learning.
Schmidt singled out these projects at the Box’s BoxDev 2015 event this week.
There are three technologies Google is working to rapidly improve, Schmidt says:

  • Voice recognition, which Google did a lot of pioneering work on “even though Siri gets all the credit,” Schmidt says.
  • Image recognition, which lets Google place pictures into intelligent categories.
  • Machine learning, which enables Google to learn more about its users over time and provide personal results.

“Then we can begin to suggest things,” says Schmidt.
He did also touch on Google’s self-driving car project: “A hundred years from now, people are going to laugh when they see a movie and people get in a car and drive in it,” he said.
Google will report earnings later Thursday, with net revenues expected to come in at more than $14 billion.

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