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Inbox is Google's new killer email app


Gmail is getting a major makeover in Google’s newest app, Inbox (iOS|Android). The app and web service is completely separate from Gmail, and it seeks to change how your emails are organized. So far, I can say it absolutely succeeds.
It does this by categorizing every email you receive, as either an important message that deserves space in your inbox, or as less-important update that can be lumped into a label with other message like it. Google introduced this concept in the latest version of Gmail from 2013, with the tabbed inbox, where messages are automatically grouped into labels such as Promotions, Social, and Update. Inbox takes that further with a new approach and more labels, all in the name of helping remove clutter from your email.
Though I’ve only tested Inbox for a short time, I can already see myself ditching the regular Gmail app for it. Not only is it visually appealing, with every feature I want within easy reach, it’s also full of features that let you completely tailor your email to your habits and personal organizational strategy.
Just a note that Inbox is invite-only for now, and you can email Google at inbox@google.com to request an invitation. Google said that current users can invite friends from the app or website, but so far that feature isn’t available.

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