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KUCCPS 2018/2019 Inter University – Inter-Institution Transfer Applications


KUCCPS 2018/2019 Inter-Institution Transfer Applications

The Placement Service online application system has opened for inter-institutional transfer applications. The 2017 KCSE examination candidates who have already been selected for courses in universities or colleges under Government sponsorship and may wish to transfer to other institutions/courses may take advantage of this opportunity. The system will close on May 31, 2018.
Applicants should note the following.

  1. Applicants are required to log in to the student’s portal to initiate the application. The process is outlined in the portal.
  2. Payment of the transfer application fee should be done after successfully completing the necessary steps in the application process following the instructions provided in the portal. Do not make any prior payment.
  3. All application fee payments to the Placement Service MUST be made to the M-Pesa Pay Bill No. 820201.
  4. Applicants are cautioned against sending money to any individual posing on social media or any other platform purporting to be in a position to assist them.  The Placement Service does not require applicants to send money to any mobile phone numbers.
  5. After completing, downloading and printing the application form, it must be presented to, signed and stamped by the heads of the two concerned two institutions (Vice-Chancellors, for universities and Principals, for colleges) after consenting.
  6. Please read carefully and follow all instructions on the application form.

Contact Us:
In addition to our mobile phone lines 0723 954 927 and 0734 879 662, we have introduced a new line to help us serve you better: 020 5137400.You may also send us an email to info@kuccps.ac.ke.

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mwangi elias

please advise me on the deadline for submitting the transfer forms after endorsement by the two universities


I apply on kuccps and requested to be addimitted at bahat IBAS but am in coast province end my parents are not able to afford the fear so please l berg for a transfer pleaae to a nearby college called MWABUNGO youth polythenic