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Love and Romance in the time of darkness


Don’t let load shedding put a damper on your loved-up celebrations! I’ve got some great ideas that will work with or without electricity

One of the hardest things about Valentine’s Day is figuring out how to celebrate with your significant other on the big day. With the current power crisis, this task may be more daunting than anticipated, but this shouldn’t discourage you from going all out when the lights go out.
To help you through these dark times, I’ve put together a list of great ideas for your romantic night:
Candlelit dinner at home Although this will require a few days of pre-planning and legwork – buying candles, flowers, decorating the venue and compiling the menu – all the necessary props are at your disposal. Welcome your partner home with a bubble bath, create a rose petal walkway to lead them to the dining area and impress them with a food platter comprised of a variety of cold meats, cheeses, salads, dried fruit, fresh bread and of course wine and bubbly.
Movie night One of the year’s most anticipated romance movies, 50 Shades of Grey,  though banned in Kenya, you can get to theater and watch any of that genre.  A steamy movie that can  get people talking and pulses racing. If you’re lucky enough to snag a pair of tickets, which are flying off the box office, then take your partner along with you and ignite the flames of passion.
Invite company: Board games are a sure way to make the darkness more bearable. Invite other couples over and square off over a game of 30 Seconds, Twister, Scrabble or some card games. A plus to having a group Valentine’s date night is that you can ask the other couples to contribute snacks and drinks if your budget is tight.
Take your love outdoors: There’s nothing like a little fresh air to help you forget your load shedding woes. Whether you’re in the city or the countryside, there is a wide range of outdoor activities to choose from. Hiking or even a simple pinic at the park – there are ample options. At sunset, take the romance home and have an early night.
Fine dining: If you are not a do-it-yourself person, then a night out at fancy restaurant is what you need.
Satisfied singles: Single and not eager to spend the unofficial holiday of love alone? Then round up all your single friends and have a braai. To keep in line with the theme of the day, exchange stories about past relationships and first dates from hell and have a great laugh.

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