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Why You Should Never Raise A Fist At Your Husband


A man in Uasin Gishu has committed suicide because of constant beatings from his wife. I woke up to this piece of news. He is dead, gone forever. I do not know the man, I have never met him at a personal level, talked to him or got a chance to listen to his story. But I am greatly disappointed in our women. What is happening to us? A few days ago two men in Nyeri County had their dudus chopped off, by their wives. No matter the reason, this is still not right.
I would never physically assault my husband. I would never lay a hand on my man. The father of my kids, the one whose rib I came from. My life partner. I would never raise a finger at him. Kama ni mbaya sana, I would rather walk away. After all, what will be left of that marriage after we start beating each other up? Will it ever be the same again? Will there ever be that respect we once had for each other? What will we feel when we look into each other’s eyes?
When violence sets in in a relationship, the deal is basically over. I say this from experience. Not my own, but I witnessed someone very dear to me submit herself to a violent partner, and not being able to leave because of the kids. She endured the beatings so that her children could have a ‘normal’ family. We laid her to rest a few years back. Her death as a result of physical, mental and emotional violence from the husband.
For a long period women have been recipients of physical assault from their partners, but this does not justify the butchering of men’s private parts going on in our country. You do not hit your husband because he is no longer the provider and protector you married. You do not raise you fists at your spouse for drinking himself silly and causing you embarrassment. We are bigger than that. Women were created stronger than that. Walk out of that marriage. You lose nothing when you shed off your troubles. You become even stronger. What would you be staying for anyway?
If you are no longer adding value to my life, I will not raise my fist at you, or chop off your penis, I will walk away.
This is not about women from Nyeri, it is about all of us. Seriously, our mothers raised us better than that.

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