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Now You Know by Nyashinski, Former Kleptomaniax member's Tale


Nyashinski, a  former Kleptomaniax member has come back in full swing with a new jam, Now You Know giving his tale through music.
Kleptomaniax- back in the days this crew was the best that ever was, Former Kleptomaniax member Nyashinski is back once again and its a great feeling to have such amazing voices back in the game to wake the young bloods from sleeping.
Nyashinski who made his official comeback with the jam “Letigo” that featured Nameless, introduced himself to us in the new chakacha beat song and we are glad to hear a new song from him.

His latest single dubbed Now you know is a simple song that carries a heavy message that Shinski delivers through his harmonious and rich vocals, expalining why he went missing in action and what he was up to all this time we haven’t heard his voice or in any projects.
Nyashinski also calls out the Kenyan media for claiming he was drowning in drugs just to ruin his reputation for their own good and if you get to listen to this track you will tell Nyashinski has definitely not lost the juice.
The audio was produced by Beat Ya kegga while the video shot on an awesome location saw Vjone wore the directorship helmet, watch Now you know below and let us know if its a hit or miss. – KENYA MUSIC

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