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"Pastor Ng'ang'a Unmasked"


Pastor Ng’ang’a Unmasked

Last night on Citizen TV, under-fire Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a was live on Citizen TV. It was his first TV interview since he allegedly caused a fatal accident while drunk.
Nothing much came out from the interview, only the age old trick of deny and pass blame. He accused the media of trying to kill his ministry and bringing him down.
However, it was his delivery of points that had people talking.
No one expected Lumumba mastery, but I must report that it was bad. There were suggestions on Twitter that the DPP should consider bringing more charges of murdering the queen’s language.
It would have been forgivable if it was simply some deep accent, but this ran deep into tenses among other things. It was badly broken.
Watch the video.

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